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“Bucket list

I don’t want to die with these opportunities missed,

So imagine the doc say’s “You’ve got just a year”,

More I’d prefer but what would I do with that one?

I want to sky dive,

Feel really alive,

Grab an open mic at a comedy store,

Wait, that’s not all, there’s more,

I want to learn to fly,

Play the piano, well at least try,

I want to see more of the world,

See flags of countries unfurled,

I want to fly to New Zealand and Australia,

Visit Rio, experience Carnival mania.

I dream of standing at the North and South Poles,

These are some of my goals,

I want to plumb the depths and scale the heights,

Go to Norway and witness the Northern Lights,

I want to see more, do more, be more,

Feel life deep in my core.

So what am I waiting for?

All these good things in store,

And there’s a lot more,

We don’t know how long we’ve got,

Maybe a long time, maybe not.

So I should hit the list now,

Before it’s time to take my final bow,

Which item first on the list?

I don’t know but you get the gist.

Point is, live today, don’t wait till tomorrow,

How much time we’ve got left, none of us know,

We’re all living on borrowed time,

To waste it, that would be a crime! 

Am I just talking the talk,

Or am I walking the walk?

I’m doing it,

Bit by bit,

I converted from dream to goal my becoming a coach,

And I won’t let anything encroach on my area of focus,

From dream to goal to reality*,

Commitment and determination, that has been the key,

So, I challenge you, follow me

Convert your dreams to goals, to reality,

Don’t consign yourself to a future of regret,

Of dreams unmet,

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today,

Regrets, they’re a heavy price to pay.” – Koby

* www.kobygouldcoaching.com

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