You Are Not Alone

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I read a lot of inspirational quotes  –  daily  –  and every now and then, one comes along which really speaks to me. One of my inspirations, Andi Saitowitz, posted on Facebook today a quote by inspirational speaker and author, Harvey Mackay:

“None of us got to where we are alone. Whether the assistance we received was obvious or subtle, acknowledging someone’s help is a big part of understanding the importance of saying thank you”.

I totally agree.

There is always a “thank you”, or more precisely a number of “thank you’s”, to say when we achieve our goals. I don’t think anyone achieves their goals on their own…”no man (person) is an island”. If I achieve, I’ll have so many “thank you’s” to express, to my wife for her support, love and encouragement (I couldn’t do anything without her), to my children for their support and love, to all of them for making me feel whole…to my mum and dad for making me who and what I am and for giving me the life experiences and the nurturing that have brought me to where I am, to Tara, my unique sister (that’s a compliment!) for being the completely bonkers, loveable, loving, caring girl who she is…to my late grandparents for their love and words of wisdom, to my life-long friends for laughter, belief and support…to probably thousands of people who I have come into contact with, even when it seemed at the time to be an unfortunate crossing of paths, people who hurt me, people who upset me, good bosses, bad bosses, good teachers, bad teachers, I benefitted from meeting all of them because they all taught me lessons which fuelled my progress and my appetite for life, they all powered me on my way. I am adopted and if I were ever to accidentally come across my biological parents, far from having a go at them for ‘giving me up’, I would say “thank you” for doing something 48 years ago which resulted in my having the best parents in the world. I thank G-d for throwing all of these people at me, people who are the pieces which constitute what is becoming the jigsaw of my life.

‘Man’ hunts in packs and I believe that even those who think that they are solitary hunters, they aren’t, there are people behind who are pushing them, there are people at their sides who are supporting them and there are people in front who are encouraging and guiding them. We ALL need mentors, we all need support, we all need encouragement, we all need inspiration, we all need guidance…I don’t believe we can achieve our goals in a vacuum, I don’t think we’d have goals and aspirations if we were without examples, heroes and guiding lights.

I only realised recently that “we are not alone” and it’s empowering. I now feel the people around me, I no longer feel alone, I no longer feel that I am trekking, that I am on this adventure on my own. I have people around me who support and inspire me and I hope that I can also give back, that I can, in turn, inspire and support others.


    May 23, 2015

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