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Day and night,

I have to write,

crunching words, playing with rhymes,


in poetry land,

always a notebook and pencil to hand.

Scribbling, dribbling words on the paper,

it’s like a caper,

verses dancing,

whilst I’m romancing about perfection.

Writing is my art,

I have a passion,

but why this fashion,

why poetry,

why not the spoken word,

why not oratory?

My mind is a laboratory,

always playing with words,

in my head, it’s music,

maybe that’s why I choose it.

Finding poetry,

it’s been an epiphany,

a real gift for me,

it seems to be the most direct written form of communication,

it has been a revelation!

When the writing is tight,

when the shape is right,

when the vibration is sweet,

it’s a real treat,

it’s a pleasure without measure,

it is my treasure.

Now, I want to get on the stage,

get out of my cage,

let it all out,

show what I’m all about.

I’m no clairvoyant

but I sense a flamboyant performance!

It must be a celebration,

I’ll enjoy the elation as I bring my poetry to life,

yes, that’s what I reckon,

live performances beckon…”


  • Anonymous
    August 24, 2020

    Love 💘 it…
    and it all makes sense

    • Koby Gould
      August 24, 2020


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