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Under the headline:




The (London) Times reported:


“Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews must serve in the military, the country’s supreme court has ruled, angering a large and influential voting block that forms a core part of Binyamin Netanyahu’s coalition.



The court found that parts of the conscription law that have exempted seminary students from military service were “unreasonable and unconstitutional” and ordered the government to find a solution within a year.”






I’m SO proud of the Israeli Supreme Court – National Service must apply to everyone, including those lazy parasites! All they do, take, take, take, a drain on the country’s resources whilst the rest of society do their bit to keep the country going.



Why should my kids stick their necks on the line while those arrogant parasites sit on their backsides doing nothing?



Why should my wife and I worry for years, lie awake at night, worrying about our children, worrying if they’ll be coming home again, whilst their parents get a good night’s sleep?



Why should my kids defend the citizens of Israel, including those good-for-nothings, when they won’t do the same for me, my family and other contributors to society? Plenty of ultra-orthodox Jews find the time to engage in all sorts of corruption and thievery so don’t tell me that they are studying and praying 24/7!!



They personify utter selfishness, parasitic sloth and arrogance* and I sincerely hope that Bibi Netanyahu follows the ruling of the Supreme Court, NOT the religious parties in his coalition – he’ll no doubt do the latter and what does that say about Israel’s supposed democracy? We don’t have one! How is it democratic when minority religious parties in the coalition Government hold Likud, the biggest party, by the proverbials, threatening to bring the Government down if Bibi et al don’t follow their orders?



I shall be expecting the worst and hoping for the best….



*The Times:


“There are, however, ultra-Orthodox men who serve in special units that comply with their religious restrictions. About 2,500 enlist each year.”

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