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The hunt for the holy grail,
it’s on the trail which leads to pure joy,
which you find not by looking out but looking in,
deep below your skin.

Pleasure is a transient treasure,
it’s in sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll,
it’s not in your soul,
it’s in taking, not giving,
it’s a fleeting high,
to which you’re always saying goodbye.

Happiness is taking AND giving,
it’s a higher form of living,
but when does it end?
Well, that does depend…
If happiness is reliant
on people being compliant,
you can end up wearing a frown;
you see people disappear, they often let you down.
Money, material possessions, things, stuff,
Often not to cherish, often it can all perish.

True joy is not in materialistic choices,
like whether to buy Mercs, Lamborghinis or Rolls-Royces,
No, true joy is a state of mind, of being,
it’s not something you’re seeing
it’s informed by your soul.
Joy is not dependent,
joy is a constant on which you can rely through thick and thin,
joy is a sense which you can have faith in.
You get to the holy grail
via the giving trail,
by expressing kindness, empathy, love and forgiveness,
via an attitude of gratitude.

So, there you have it,
pleasure, happiness and joy.
Choose joy, you know it makes sense,
peace of mind, the holy grail, is not measured in pounds and pence,
joy is not valued in dollars and cents.
To experience joy, you can see
that you must focus on humanity,
that that is the key to the treasure trove of joy,
not to the perishable treasure of happiness and pleasure.” – koby

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