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Watch this:

This is beyond my comprehension. I am utterly heartbroken and despondent. There is no light on the horizon. Everything is wrong here, 2015 and we are mired in religious war, hatred on both sides (and within each side), politics and irrational belief  which is making people do and believe mad and dangerous things. This young boy, his siblings and the rest of his family have been destroyed because of it. The Middle East is a sick, depraved region, a microcosm of so much that is diseased in the rest of the world. Hate, racism, an absence of logic and rational, arrogance, corruption, egoism. The evidence is staring at us  –  look at this scene, listen to this 9 year old boy. No one  –  no one anywhere – should take comfort in believing that he/she is right, that it’s all ‘them’, that ‘we’ have God on ‘our side’, that ‘we’ are right and ‘they’ are wrong. We are all being killed, we are all miserable, we are all living in a hell hole…and that is what the whole of the Middle East is, it’s a hell hole, it’s a ticking time bomb, the hate is growing, the sores are festering…we can be sure of only three things in life, death, taxes and bloodshed.

  • Newton Gatoff
    October 3, 2015

    The unimaginable pain of a child not only losing his parents but being forced to watch their demise is too much for many of us to bare….and yet, history contains many such tragic events. Humanity has never nor will ever be filled with love and nothing else…it has and will always be filled with darkness and depths of depravity which we all hope never touches our own. The strength of those living in Israel as well as those who have chosen to live in the West Bank demonstrates their willingness to risk their lives for reasons best known to themselves. In many ways it is no more than you and your family have chosen in living in Israel. We should be able to drive along roads without fearing for our lives, but sadly, we cannot. We live and travel in areas which may appear to be safe, but we can never be truly safe…that I believe is utopia and will never exist even in the relative sanctuary here in Australia. Our must be a fight for love and freedom of all people and to to fight extremist behaviours on all sides of conflict. But we should never believe we will win…

    • Koby Gould
      October 7, 2015

      I’ll message you elsewhere, Newt.

    • Anonymous
      October 7, 2015

      We live in very depressing times…..more so in the Middle East. I always say that one should however not dwell on the things you cannot change but save your energy for the things that you can do something about.xxxxxx

      • Koby Gould
        October 8, 2015

        Hi, dad x

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