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“Sitting outside on the porch,

heat no longer blasting from a blow torch sun,

I sense that it is the first day of Autumn, the Fall,

the breeze, a call to step outside,

the humidity less,

I’m no longer a sweaty mess,

the wind so refreshing and welcome, a delight,

a mild day, a cool night,

just to sit and do nothing, it’s a blessing,

I feel like undressing,

letting the breeze wash over me.

My foes, the heat and humidity,

they have shuffled off

and left a mechiah in their place,

a new smile on the sun’s face,

a taste of pleasant days ahead,

it’s a pleasure just to sit on the porch and not scorch in Israel’s summer sun.

This, just sitting, penning poetry, it’s my idea of fun,

I don’t need to be busy busy,

don’t need to go anywhere,

I’m happy just to sit and stare,

it’s a release to ‘do’ less, to ‘be’ more,

to touch base with my soul, my core,

just letting time pass by,

appreciating the breeze

and the Autumn blue sky.

This is living at its best,

relaxing in shorts and a vest,

experiencing the moment,


the wind’s caress,

a sense of release,

of mental peace:

try it,

just sit,


enjoy life to the max…”


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