My psychologist asked me a question yesterday (2nd session), asked me if I ever experience “peace” – I had to think about that one! After a few moments’ thought, I told her that I find it in music, in listening to music. 
She asked me if I find/experience it in/during my running. Again, a few moments’ thought and then I replied to the effect that my running provides for me the most fertile and active thinking environment, that it’s when I’m running that my mind is most active, most alive, most creative. Thinking about that now, I’ll add something: when I’m running, I’m at my most positive. Of course, not every run does that for me, it’s not a magical panacea, but my most mentally creative moments and most positive moments, those “YES, I CAN!” and “BRING IT ON!” moments, I pretty well only experience them, or I experience them most tangibly, when I’m running.

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