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At last, The Pensions Regulator has sent a ‘Final Demand’ to Philip Green and Taveta Investments* for them to make good the ‘hole’ in the BHS Pension Fund.



‘Final Demand’ is a misnomer. There’ll be a lot more to’ing and fro’ing before the Greens have to put their hands in their pockets and pay what’s due, not that they’ll ever pay what they should pay, ie the final deal will fall short of what they should pay if they are to make good the total ‘loss’.



In the meantime, the big issues of Green’s day, e.g. which yacht to luxuriate on next, occupy his mind whilst the staff of the now deceased BHS worry about how they’ll manage to put food on the table, heat their houses and buy clothes in the absence of  –  or almost certainly a shortfall in  –  the pensions on which they were relying. My guess, for what it’s worth, is that Green is a psychopath, no conscience and no empathy  –  I think we witnessed this psychopathy when Green was seen holidaying on one of his yachts  –  and we learnt that he was buying a third massive yacht  –  when BHS was in Administration and the BHS staff knew that it was, to all intents and purposes, over. We witnessed a man who clearly has no shame, a man who simply doesn’t care.



Whatever figure is finally agreed between the Regulator and Green, it will leave the BHS staff short. Decades of work, plans and dreams for their future…now, as good as gone. It’s heartbreaking and infuriating. Come on, Regulator, use everything you’ve got!!!



….and as for the Knighthood, every day that goes by with him being called Sir Philip is a disgrace  –  with that Title, he publicly shames and brings Britain, the Monarchy and the Honours system into disrepute. The dross that is sent to kneel in front of The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Anne for Investitures, it’s tragic, farcical and sickening to behold.



*Taveta Investment owns Arcadia Group Limited which, in turn, owns Top Shop, Burton, Dorothy Perkins amongst other retail chains and it also owned BHS. Tina Green, Philip Green’s wife, owns a controlling stake in Taveta.

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