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“I’d like to thank two of my speech writers, Copy and Paste, for their help in preparing my remarks”



If Melania Trump wasn’t a potential ‘First Lady’, if her husband was not one of two people battling to be the most powerful person in the world, ‘keeper of the peace’, it would be quite funny – as it is, it’s really scary, scary that the speech writing team (who drafted the speech she gave at the Republican National Convention) are so dim, scary as it indicates that there might not even be any political, diplomatic, grounded brains behind the scenes, nothing to keep Trump on the rails, nothing to stop him ‘going off on one’. If Trump can allow this to happen, the mistakes he could make on the world stage, giving speeches which could send geopolitical relationships into a tailspin, setting community against community, people against people, it doesn’t bear thinking about!!



I don’t trust Hillary, she scares me, too. Her friendship with those Blumenthals (Max and Sidney) really scares me. I think she’s ‘dark’ and that there’s something of the megalomaniac about her. The report by the FBI further to the investigation into Hillary’s private email account useage is a damning indictment of the woman!! I know that anyone who becomes President of the United States, whilst he/she may want to serve the country, improve lives, they are motivated by personal ambition to a lesser or greater extent. I fear that, in the case of Hillary, it’s ALL about personal ambition (and I’m ‘sure’ that it’s the same in the case of Trump).



I’d like to think that Bill could help to keep Hillary on the straight and narrow but it’s my guess that, as far as she is concerned, he has had his time in the limelight, she stood by him – big time! – now it’s her turn and she expects (demands!) him to do as he’s told (that being the ‘deal’ struck at the time of the Lewinsky scandal, Hillary telling Bill that she’ll stand by him if he’ll stand by and support her in her quest to be President and during her tenure).



The President of the United States stands between what we hold dear, our freedom and democracy, our human rights, the Rule of Law


on the other side of the war, chaos, extremism, upheaval, the destruction of freedom and democracy, human rights and the Rule of Law.


It seems, at times, to be finely balanced. The ‘bad guys’ are running amok and leaving a mess  –  death, tears, heartbreak  –  in their wake.


There are very few people on the planet who tick all the boxes. There are very few who can justifiably claim to be the right person to hold the highest Office in the land. There are very few people who have the right skill set, who have what it takes, who are ‘fit for purpose’, there are very few people alive at any one time who can successfully juggle all the items on the agenda. Our lives, the lives of billions, depend on the American people voting the right person into The White House. Somehow, 350m Americans are telling the world that their best two are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. How has that happened??!!


Has there ever, in 240 years, been a more diabolical choice?

Hillary or Donald to be President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief. Dear, dear me!!

I’ve been on and off the fence many times on this one but as time goes on, I think that Hillary is the ‘lesser of two evils’.

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