Keith Michell, RIP

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Keith Michell, actor and writer, has passed away at the age of 88 and it saddens me to report on his passing.


What a career:


Michell’s Henry VIII in ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ was incredible. I was only a kid when I watched it (I don’t suppose that was on its original run in 1970) but I have never forgotten it. I distinctly remember him ageing, his being young and athletic as a young man, incredibly obese  –  rotund  –  later in life and his lying on his death bed at the end of his life (which, admittedly, is usually when one does lie on one’s death bed), struggling to breathe (of course, lots happened during that ageing process!). Keith Michell and the make-up team, what a performance!


88 years old, a good innings, yes, but sad, nevertheless. So many great entertainers who made us smile over the years, once, so alive, so vibrant, so young (Keith Michell wasn’t much older than I am now when he starred in ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’), now gone  –  yes, that saddens me (and makes me feel old!). Of course, all these entertainers, the actors, the musicians, the artists, the comics, the dancers, the writers, all of them, they remain alive via their legacies, the body of work which continues to make us smile, laugh and learn (I don’t really think of Frank Sinatra as being no longer with us).


Thanks, Keith Michell. RIP.

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