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Although I always worried that George Michael would pass away at a young age, I’m still in shock at the devastating, heartbreaking, tragic news.



This is a ‘Michael Jackson moment’ though, personally, the news has hit me harder. He was  –  IS  –  one of my favourite musicians…in my humble opinion, he was, literally, a genius. He spoke to us through his music, his lyrics, and, in that respect, I’m ‘sure’ that writing and performing was a cathartic exercise, something he had to do. His voice was incredible, so sweet, so powerful. I was fortunate to see him perform live some years ago (I guess 9 or 10 years ago)  –  he looked fantastic, he sounded incredible and he gave us a great show. He was at the top of his game. He was the real deal and we will never see his likes again.



George Michael was a gift and he will, through the legacy of his music and recorded performances, prove to be a gift that keeps on giving….



It is tragic that a person who gave pleasure to millions lived, in many ways, a tortured life. We see it time and time again….two of my other favourites, Chet Baker (passed away at the age of 58) and Bill Evans (passed away at the age of 51), different lives and stories, but both beautiful, sweet yet tortured souls.



Music and AIDS charities were so much a part of George Michael’s life and both arenas, his passions, are much the poorer for his passing. My heart goes out to George’s family, friends and all those who are personally affected by his passing.



George Michael, musician, performer, AIDS awareness campaigner and fund raiser, RIP.

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