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I’m just thinking of what Israel is told to do when Hamas hits us, when terrorists jump from behind lampposts and trees and stab us to death, when they drive at us at bus stops, when they throw rocks at us and our cars and kill us, when they shoot their rockets at us…Monsieur Hollande  –  and Messrs. Obama and Kerry, for that matter  –  this dropping of bombs on Syria, is it a ‘proportionate’ response to the atrocities committed in Paris on Friday night? I trust that no innocent Syrians will be killed. No ‘collective punishment’??


Isn’t the ‘advice’ in these sitations as follows: French PM and President, sit down with IS, give them part of your country and live side by side with them. Surely, if you are so convinced that that can work for us, that we can sit down with terrorists and ‘work it out’, so can you….if any innocent Syrians are injured or killed in this bombing, I’m sure that the streets of Europe will be awash with protestors, I’m sure that all French produce and goods will be boycotted and the UN will take you to task. It is a level playing field, after all, isn’t it?


Moreover, what the US Government is doing in Syria, what the French Government is doing in Syria, it affects Israel. We are first in the firing line. We are seen by the likes of IS as not just the United States’ proxy but as the West’s proxy. However the balance of power in Syria is affected, however the West’s relations with Islam are affected by US and French military action, it’s Israel and the Jews who are going to be the focus of the terrorists’ attention and ire. France doesn’t share a border with Syria. The US doesn’t share a border with Syria. Israel shares a border with Syria.


Yet again, more hypocrisy, yet again, more evidence that all countries under attack by IS and their ilk, even countries who are not under attack by IS and their ilk, they can all defend themselves but Israel cannot: ANTISEMITIC HYPOCRISY.

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