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“Suddenly, tired,

my mojo has expired,

no more spark,

I’m in the dark,

I feel the end of this day,

my mood is grey,

I can’t think straight,

my poetry ain’t great,

there’s nothing there,

I’ve lost my bit of flair.

It’s time to call time on this day,

nothing more to do nor say,

except that tomorrow is another day,

a new start for me and my art,

fresh energy and mojo,

I’ll regain my zip, my get-up-and-go!

Tomorrow, my principle mission,

informed by the human condition,

it is to put a smile on someone’s face,

to add value to the human race,

that’ll make me a happy chappy.

Goodnight, sleep tight,

I hope all’s well with you tomorrow,

and that you only have cause to be happy,

that you and yours know no sorrow.”


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