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Today, we learnt of the sad, sad passing of David Cassidy, singer, actor, one-time – 1970’s –  heartthrob, at the relatively young age of 67 years old. So sad – another example (for the benefit of starry-eyed youngsters) of the fickle, brittle, fleeting nature of fame, fortune and celebrity and of the toll it often takes… I think there’s an expectation of what it’ll be like but the reality rarely matches/reflects the expectation and if that expectation is so great, the striving so focused and blinkered, if everything hangs on ‘success’ but the reality falls short, the aftermath can be disastrous: be careful what you wish for…



There endeth the lesson…..



Now, nostalgia:



I’m 51 and recall David Cassidy’s heyday well – I remember loving his songs and singing along to “Daydreamer” in the early/mid-70’s. I think, for a lot of us of a certain age, David Cassidy, and the Partridge Family, they take us back to a simpler time, a time of innocence, a time before we became aware of all the bad in the world.



David Cassidy had a great singing voice, so well suited to the songs he recorded – he had genuine talent and it’s a real shame that he didn’t play to his strengths, take advantage of them, instead of dreaming of being something and someone else. If he had been satisfied being the David Cassidy who was loved and adored by millions, he might, just might, have been happier throughout the rest of his life.



There endeth another lesson…



Now, some music…



‘Daydreamer’  –  such a sweet song:





Next up:



Some fans’ favourite is ‘Daydreamer’, for others it’s “Could It Be Forever?”  –  I think they’re both great!





….and another….what else but, of course, ‘Looking Through The Eyes Of Love’:





….and, finally, with The Partridge Family:





David Cassidy RIP…


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