Cate Blanchett: “I Am Not A Lesbian, But Who Cares Anyway?” Sadly, Millions Of People DO Care!

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Cate Blanchett is currently promoting her latest movie, ‘Carol’, a lesbian love story, a critically-aclaimed adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s ‘The Prince of Salt’. She was interviewed by a ‘Variety’ (movie magazine) journalist, Ramin Setoodeh, and there is a disagreement as to the wording of a particular question. He is saying that he asked her if she had had lesbian relationships in the past and Cate says that he asked her if she had had relationships with women. She replied to the effect that she has had many relationships with women  –  Setoodeh is saying that she said she has had lesbian relationships.

As is reported in ‘The Times’ today:

‘Blanchett said that in any case her sexual history should not matter. “In 2015, the point should be, who cares? Call me old-fashioned, but I thought one’s job as an actor was not to present one’s own boring, small, microscopic universe but to raise and expand your sense of the universe to make a psychological and empathic connection to another character’s experience so you can play them. So you can present another world to an audience.

“My life is of no interest to anyone else. Or maybe it is, I don’t know. But I’m certainly not interested in putting my thoughts and opinions up there.” ‘

Aggghhhhh! It’s 2015, what is wrong with people? Why does anyone give a monkey’s about other people’s sexuality?! Does anyone care or give a second’s thought to Tom Hank’s sex life? Does anyone care or give a second’s thought to Tom Cruise’s sex life? What about Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon? If they were gay, I guess people would be fascinated by it but why? Why is a heterosexual’s sex life uninteresting but a gay person’s sex life is not only the focus of attention but it defines the gay person him/herself. Cate Blanchett is an actress, maybe lesbian, maybe not, I don’t care…Simon Callow is an actor, he happens to be gay, but, to me, far more importantly, he’s a brilliant actor. Brad Pitt is an actor, Jodie Foster is an actress…why does it matter that Pitt is heterosexual and that Foster is gay?!

I firmly believe that a lot of homophobic people are themselves gay, that they are highly uncomfortable being gay and that they fight against it by lashing out at gay people. As Rupert Everett (character: Guy Bennett) says in one of my favourite movies, ‘Another Country’, Marek Kanievska’a 1984 masterpiece, “Those who go around suspecting vice in others are often rather suspect themselves” (not that being gay is a vice!!!).

There is also, unfortunately, religious bigotry but defending one’s bigotry as religiously mandated, it cuts no ice with me  – bigotry is bigotry, full stop.

There are SO many issues of importance in the world today, it is tragic that millions of people are obsessed with other people’s sexuality. It is a non-subject, boring, irrelevant to everyone except the gay people themselves.

As I said, some people are homophobic because they are fighting against their own homosexuality, some people are bigoted through religion and I guess others are homophobic through negative education, nurture and upbringing. I condone none of those though I can see how that warped mindset can form. What I don’t understand at all are those people who are not gay, not in defensive mode, who have not been influenced by others, shouting “It’s disgusting”, I really don’t get that at all. A heterosexual couple could be doing things with, or to, each other, and those accusers who say that gay people are “disgusting”, most of them would condone the most depraved sexual activity between consenting heterosexual people simply because the couple is heterosexual…but a gay couple kissing each other, the bigots go into overdrive.

Bigotry is one of the ugliest elements in society and the only way to attack and destroy it is with education.



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