An article in The Times (of London) today:


Angela Gibbins, a ‘senior official’ at The British Council, posted on social media a photo of a smiling Prince George (3 years old) with the comment:


“White privilege. That cheeky grin is the (already locked in) innate knowledge that he’s royal, rich, advantaged and will never know any difficulties or hardships in life. Let’s find photos of 3yo Syrian refugee children and see if they look alike, eh?”



Angela Gibbins,


“Innate”?? Really? He was BORN KNOWING what ‘royal’, ‘rich’ and ‘advantaged’ mean and he knew  –  WHEN HE WAS BORN  –  that he is all three, yes? That’s what you’re saying, you are saying that he was born with an INNATE knowledge. Fast forward to today, he has just turned 3 years old, do you honestly think that he understands the concept of royalty? Do you really think that, at 3 years old, he fully understands where he is relative to other people in society?



The article in The Times says of The British Council:


The British Council has a royal charter and the Queen as its patron. It receives £154.9 million in public money each year to promote British culture, which includes the royal family.



Princes William and Harry were once 3 years old and I dare say that this ignorant, jealous women, Gibbins, was saying the same thing about them, that Prince William and Prince Harry, ‘royal and rich’, would ‘never know any hardships in life’.


Well, if she said it, she was wrong!



This, I say again, ignorant, shallow woman obviously thinks that the only factor which determines whether you will DEFINITELY have a good life with NO hardships or whether you won’t, that it is solely dependent on whether or not you have money…and that, if you are royal, well, that is you sorted!


It defies belief that someone would actually think that – if anyone is not living in the real world, it’s Angela Gibbins.


Look back at British royal history, Angela….you won’t have to look too hard to find some broken, unhappy royals!



And as for Prince George, to say that he will never know any hardships in his life….what?%$#@!


Have you got a crystal ball, Angela.


Will money and royal status protect him from the vagaries of life, from illness, from heartache and heartbreak, from feelings of insecurity?


No one will ever ask him the question,


“What do you want to do when you grow up?”


No one will ever ask him that question, a question which is put to millions of children by adults every day, no one will ever ask him because it’s not up to him, he is not free to choose – imagine that! – he lives in a gilded prison and much as I am a Monarchist, much as I love the Queen, much as I believe that, in Prince Charles, the UK, the Commonwealth, the world has an invaluable asset (there aren’t many people better informed or more able to convene the biggest brains on the planet), jealousy of their status and wealth is not something I feel.



All you have done, Angela Gibbins, in exclaiming your ‘white privilege’ bile is lay in front of the public your jealousy, your bitterness, your naiveté, your shallowness and your ignorance.

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