So much man-made, totally avoidable devastation, destruction and heartbreak, day in, day out, across the globe:



At the heart of it: ignorance.



The causes of the ignorance are many but it is ignorance which spurs arrogance, intolerance, hatred and jealousy which, in turn, kill “man’s” inherent senses of humanity, love, kindness, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude.



Our only hope is that there will prove to be enough humanity, goodness, love, togetherness, empathy, kindness and forgiveness in the world to crush the hatred. We need to focus on what we have in common, not the differences, which, so often, don’t even exist, which, so often, are fictional, made up by those who want to divide us.



Look at the difference between, for instance, Louis Farrakhan, the deranged, evil, antisemitic leader of the ‘Nation of Islam’, whose raison d’être is the sewing of the seeds of hatred and division, and Wasi Mohamed, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Islamic Centre, who said that:


unity “was the only light that a lot of people saw in that darkness…” continues:


‘…Mohamed spoke the day after the shooting at an interfaith vigil with one message: “It’s a horrible event but there is like a glimmer of hope there, all these people coming together….We’re going to approach $150,000 (fund raising for the families of the victims) and we’re hoping that the Jewish community sees that — and shows … not only does the Pittsburgh community love you so much, but [also that in] a community that people try to pit us against each other … we want to make sure that they see it’s from us and we think that is especially important,” he said.’



Isn’t this beautiful?! It shows that there is hope for a better future…



An attack against Coptic Christians is an attack against African Americans, Jews, Muslims, against Hindus, Sikhs, against people of all religions and faiths, against people of none, it is an attack against the LGBTQ community, it is an attack against humanity!



Dr. Martin Luther King Jr:


“No one is free until we are all free”.

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