A little bit of effort in the realm of kindness can have a huge effect on people’s lives.



I’ve just been watching Yaf, my wife, slicing some cake, wrapping it lovingly, ribbons and all…she’s off to visit a friend who has just come out of hospital. Yaf could have just taken the cake but, no, she made a little extra effort, it’s beautifully presented and the effect on her friend will be out of proportion to the little effort Yaf made. That’s a beautiful thing!



I’ve seen that all my life, I saw it as a kid, Yaf is like my mum who also goes the extra mile, they are both perfectionists, “if a job’s worth doing….”, they both do ‘the right thing’ but not just because something is right, not decisions taken in the brain but decisions, actions that come direct from their hearts.



I am so fortunate to have that spirit of love, kindness and thoughtfulness around me. The old black dog of depression has been biting at my heels these last couple of weeks, nothing major, just a bit of grey cloud obscuring the light but just then, when I walked into the kitchen and saw Yaf, saw what she was doing, the sun broke through the clouds in my mind and I felt good.



Thanks, Yaf, thanks for being you and thanks, mum, thanks for being you.

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