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I’ll start the new year with a pretty long run,

About 28km, it won’t be fun,

But I’ll kick it off as I mean to go on,

Moving forward, glad that the year 2020 has now gone.

I’ll keep pushing out of my comfort zone,

How liberating and empowering that is, I have shown,

It’s something I recommend to you all,

Exercise, stay mobile, seriously, don’t stall.

I wish you all a healthy, meaningful, fulfilling year ahead,

Instead of 2020, some days of which I felt like spending in bed,

Oh, it hasn’t been that bad, I haven’t been at the end of my tether,

At least during the lockdown, the family could spend a lot of time together.

It has been bad for a lot of people, though,

For those who had to let their businesses go,

And for people living on their own,

Spending so much time, lonely, alone at home.

So, let’s hope that we can soon put it all behind us,

That 2021 is a year that gives us no cause to cuss,

That we can bin that mask,

Is it really too much to ask?

Let’s hope that we’re all vaccinated soon,

And I’ll be able to go back to see my parents in ‘the Toon’.

So Happy New Year to my family and friends,

This Gould sends you warmest and best wishes,

My family sends you hugs and kisses.” Koby

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