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In a speech recently delivered at the Annual Conference of the ‘National Policy Institute’, President of the Institute, Richard B. Spencer, laid bare his neo-nazi credentials – click on the link and watch the excerpt of his speech. Spencer’s language, his tone and his delivery are truly chilling (“Hail Trump”?%$#@!):



He is basking in what he, and his followers, see as the glory of Trump’s forthcoming Presidency of the United States. These are the sort of people who will be calling in favours, who Trump will be relying on in 4 years when he puts himself in front of the American People again.



Millions of Americans who voted for Trump will be, I have no doubt, as appalled by this man’s language as I am but what is also in no doubt is the fact that if you voted for Trump but consider yourself to be far to the left of this dysfunctional bunch, you are, in electoral, in partisan, terms, still ‘in’ with a very dodgy crowd, you aligned yourselves with these people, YOU have put these people at the forefront of US politics, YOU have given them a starring role.



This odious individual, Richard B. Spencer, represents – personifies – the political and social direction of The United States of America. These people believe that their time has come…



‘Be afraid, be very afraid’……I know I am!

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